Convert browsers into buyers with high quality content.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Convert leads with a fully automated, professionally designed email marketing campaign

What’s a lead funnel? It’s a custom, fully automated content marketing campaign designed to first attract, and then convert, new prospects.

First we’ll help you create a digital download that will act as your “lure”piece – an informational package that provides information your target market wants to know and that will showcase your expertise. Each prospect then enters your lead funnel – a series of strategically crafted emails designed to convert top prospects while weeding out the tire-kickers who would sabotage your time.

We’ll even set up an online advertising campaign to drive prospects to your lead funnel’s landing page – which we’ll also create!

Our lead generation services include:

  • design and copywriting of a landing page
  • autoresponder email campaigns
  • custom email template
  • custom lead campaign graphic
  • Facebook advertising lead campaign management
  • ROI report on new leads
  • email marketing account

Starting at just $797 CAD/$606 USD per month

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