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Be A Better Writer: A Go-To Grammar Guide & How-To-Write Handbook

by Nancy Miller

Find your inner wordsmith and learn to love grammar with Be A Better Writer.

From demystifying semicolons and run-on sentences to crafting clear, concise content, this handy guidebook will help you master the perplexities of grammar and the art of written communication.

Be A Better Writer not only strips grammar to the basics but also offers insight into the various stages of writing, empowering you to wield your words with precision. Presented in a conversational tone, the book is broken into two sections. The ‘Go-To Grammar Guide’ hits on the essentials of parts of speech, punctuation, style conventions, word choice and more. Then, let the ‘How-To-Write Handbook’ take you from prewriting and sentence construction through to essays and business communication, finishing with the transformative magic of revision.

A must-have companion for students, teachers, business owners and language enthusiasts alike. Embark on a journey of linguistic enlightenment as you boost your syntactical swagger. Uncover your writing prowess and discover the grammarian within.