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Convert browsers into buyers with high-quality content.

Lead Generation

You already know there are people out there looking for precisely the product or service you’re offering. The trick is finding them.

But what if you could make them come to you? Our lead generation service compels those elusive would-be customers to “put up their hand,” share their contact details and tell you that, yes, they’re looking for a product or service like yours.

Now all you have to do is close the sale. Easy peasy, mac ‘n’ cheesy.

Your lead generation campaign could include:

  • Writing and design of a professional landing page
  • Automatic syncing of new leads with your email marketing platform
  • Writing, creation and automation of an email autoresponder campaign
  • Writing and design of a “lead magnet” — an information PDF to entice prospects
  • Advertising campaign management

Lead generation starts at just $425. Lead generation combines nicely with our professional content marketing programs.

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