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Email Marketing Campaigns

Put your email list to good use with a sales sequence

Do you dream of having epic product launches?

Are you ready to kick your service promotions into high gear?

We can get you there. Rock.Paper.Copy Writing Solutions email sales campaigns are highly customized and founded on proven marketing techniques. First, we get to know you, your product and your customers. Next, we help you nail down a promotional plan. Then, we produce a sales sequence of 3 to 8 personal and persuasive emails that engages your followers and entices them to act.

Our email marketing sales sequences are based on industry-leading knowledge, psychological triggers and proven frameworks. Let us promote your product or service professionally and with care, so you can focus on what you do best — running your business!

If you have a specific product/service that needs promotion and an active email list, this is the perfect way to inspire action.

With prices starting at $549, the time to plan for this year’s marketing campaign is now.