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4 Tips For Writing Money-Making Direct Mail 

4 Tips for Writing Money-Making Direct Mail 

Writing for direct mail isn’t the same as blogging, or writing the great Canadian novel.  Direct mail has a specific purpose – usually convincing the reader to hand over his or her hard-earned cash for your product or service – and there are proven techniques for making it work.

It would be impossible to explain all the intricacies of writing a winning direct mail piece, but here are a few tips to help steer you in the right direction:

  1. correspondenceBegin your writing on the envelope. A brief “teaser” on the envelope can go a long way toward persuading the reader to open it.  Because remember, zero per cent of all mailings that don’t get opened result in sales.
  2. Write about the reader, not about your company or product.  Sure, you do have to mention what it is you’re selling at some point, but do it in a way that emphasizes benefits rather thanfeatures.  For example, you’re not selling a shoe with an air-cushion sole; you’re selling relief from aching feet.
  3. Offer something for free.  “Order now and get my free report!”  “Let’s meet for coffee – on us!”  “Call now for a free trial!”
  4. Include a postscript (P.S.) where you re-state your offer.  Studies have shown that when people read letters, they read the salutation first and the postscript second.  So state your main benefit, your call to action and, if possible, some sort of guarantee.

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