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Hail the humble press release!

5 Ways media releases are still relevant & 12 excuses to write one


With an increasingly digital world fighting for our attention, it may seem that the press release is, well, old news. But the modest media release still has plenty going for it.

5 Reasons press releases are still a good idea

  1. Immediate exposure to a wide audience. If your release makes it into the local paper, who knows who will end up reading it?! Sure, your friends and followers have heard about you and your awesome accomplishments. But if you’re tired of preaching to the choir, a press release is an easy way to get noticed by people who don’t know anything about you. Sharing good news can help you make new connections.


  1. Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Heck, it can be free if you have the chops and knowledge to write one yourself. If not, a copywriter will charge a reasonable one-time fee. No need for an ongoing advertising budget here.


  1. Press releases – not just for print media anymore! Because “hard copy” media outlets also have digital editions available to readers, you can score some SEO points. Popping some hyperlinks within the text can get readers to your website. If your copy uses keywords, people searching online may stumble across your release. Therefore, keep those relevant industry-related words in mind while writing your media release content.


  1. Can be re-used and recycled. All or part of the release can turn into other content. Add, subtract or adjust to create articles, blogs and social media posts; and then hyperlink everything up.


  1. Builds up your credibility and brand. Hey, you’re news-worthy! That’s something, right? Also, you have control over how your image comes across when you’re the one submitting the release.

So, if you have news to share, get it out there!


12 Circumstances worthy of a news release

Now that you’re convinced about its benefits, you need to think of something that’s release-worthy. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. You’re a new business.
  2. You’re renovating or expanding your facility.
  3. You’ve hired (or are seeking) a new employee.
  4. You’re introducing a new service or product.
  5. You’ve won an award.
  6. You’re celebrating an important anniversary.
  7. You’re changing your name or location.
  8. You’re involved in a philanthropic event.
  9. You’re announcing a merger/partnership.
  10. You’re available to speak about a trending topic or hosting an online forum.
  11. You’re launching a website, contest, etc.
  12. You’re releasing results from a survey you’re conducted.

Remember, keep it short, keep it newsy, keep it recent.


It’s always a good time to create some positive buzz. If you need help, get in touch!


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