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RP Copywriting has a new boss!

Plan for world copywriting domination on track


RP Copywriting’s “editorial rock star” Nancy Miller has finally won her battle for dominance and officially takes over the reins of the company today, March 1.

Not so much a coup as a friendly takeover, Miller succeeds former owner Ryan Parton who leaves to pursue an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“While I’m sad I won’t be working with Ryan anymore after 10 years of working together kicking copywriting butt, I’m excited for this opportunity to flex my boss muscles,” says Miller. “And I know that Ryan will shine as Cumberland’s new recreation coordinator.”

Miller brings years of experience as a writer, editor and content manager to her new role as owner. Parton is confident her skills, professionalism and sense of humour will hold her in good stead as she takes on this latest challenge.

“Nancy’s been doing most of the heavy lifting for some time now both out front and behind the scenes with her management of marketing, accounts, clients and content,” notes Parton. “If you haven’t had the privilege of working with her directly, rest assured, you’re in excellent hands.

“And now she’ll be free to make things happen without my disorganization getting in the way!”

As for Miller, she knows she can count on the other RP Copywriting team members to help with this transition and keep things running as smoothly as ever.

“The plan is to keep on hitting the mark for clients as the Island’s leading copywriting and content marketing firm and work to expand our presence around the province and beyond.”

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Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller

Owner and editorial rockstar at Rock.Paper.Copy Writing Solutions

Articles: 74