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Reliable & Professional Writing For Your Website At $10 Per Page Only

Reliable & Professional Writing for Your Website at $10 Per page Only

confused-babyWe received this in our inbox yesterday and thought, “Hey, our new marketing campaign!” What do you think – will it work for us?



I’m an experienced and passionate writer whose articles or contents have appeared on top websites.

In order to get targeted traffic to your website or blog, you’ll need an article or content that is SEO optimized and unique. Permit me to promise you that you’ll get unique job from me.


Just give me:

1. Topic
2. Keyword
3. Any useful information

For $10 you will get

1. A unique piece of well researched writing that brings you smiles (400-500 words)
2. SEO optimized  and original content that grows your business
3. Flow well and grammatically correct
4. An interesting material that drives traffic non-stop

Got questions? I’m a writer who hastens to reply.


(Note: We will not honour this deal. And we will lose a lot of respect for you if this letter makes you actually want this service.)


Ryan is a professional copywriter and the former Regional Director for British Columbia of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. With a background in journalism and marketing, he's the lead copywriter on all non-editorial projects and provides the strategic direction for every RP Copywriting client.

A graduate with distinction of Concordia University’s School of Journalism in Montreal, Ryan has been writing professionally for more than a decade. He relocated to Vancouver Island in 2002, where he became Marketing Coordinator for Comox Valley Tourism and later studied Marketing at North Island College. In 2008, he founded Ryan Parton Writing Solutions, which became RP Copywriting in 2014.

Ryan can be reached directly at .

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