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3 ways RP Copywriting can help you make more money today

At RP Copywriting, we specialize in content marketing and lead generation campaigns that deliver a steady stream of qualified leads and a significant return on investment over the long term.

But what if you don’t have the budget, patience or <gasp!> cash flow  to invest in a long-term content marketing strategy, no matter how handsome the ROI? What if you have a limited budget and need a short-term or one-off marketing solution that will still increase your bottom line?

Here are three ways the professional copywriters and content marketing specialists at RP Copywriting can help.

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Name that condo to win $2,500 from WestJet

A new luxury condominium development in Comox needs a name, and its developers are looking to the public for help.

The 14-unit premiere waterfront develop

Local Realtor Mike Fisher is looking for names for a new Comox condominium development. Whoever suggests the winning name will win a $2,500 WestJet gift card.

Local Realtor Mike Fisher is looking for names for a new Comox condominium development. Whoever suggests the winning name will win a $2,500 WestJet gift card.

ment located at 1829 Beaufort Avenue has been approved by local council and its developers are ready to get the project started. Just one hitch, though – it doesn’t yet have a name. So the Abbotsford-based Tsang family is hoping someone – maybe you – can come up with a suitable moniker.

The person who suggests the winning name will win a $2,500 WestJet gift card.

“We want a name that captures the striking surroundings, stunning views and upscale feel of the project,” says Royal LePage Realtor Mike Fisher, one of the project’s marketing agents. “Nobody understands and appreciates our beautiful environment more than we locals do, so we’re asking the Comox Valley to name this project for us.

“And if the spectacular harbour and mountain views don’t inspire people,” he adds, “the prizecertainly will!”

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The top 5 Marketing Strategies to Get Business Today!

Darcy Lefebvre, RP Copywriting

Need to see a return on your marketing and adverting dollars right away?  Use some (or all!) of the following marketing strategies to help you generate sale in the short term! It is also very important to invest in a long term strategy as well, using a good balance of both is the key to seeing great results!


Marketing Strategy #1 – Have a communications plan.

There’s no bigger asset than your past customers or clients. By creating opportunities to stay connected with them through emails, newsletters and inviting them to “follow” you, you’ll generate word-of-mouth opportunities and make it easier for people to share your information and refer your business. (Download our Comprehensive DIY Guide to Online Marketing to try this on your own!)


Marketing Strategy #2 – Go old school and start networking

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How to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Darcy Lefebvre, RP Copywriting

d2Is the traffic to your website stalled? Is your website’s ranking in search engine result pages dropping faster than the snow level on Comox Glacier? Maybe it’s time to fine-tune your website’s content and start playing to the search engines.


SEO fundamentals and why knowing them helps improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the science behind improving the organic ranking of your website or page on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when someone performs a search phrase relevant to your business. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine your ranking, but essentially the engines determine your website’s ranking based on how popular it is and how relevant it is to the search phrase.

Popularity is mostly based on how many people have created inbound links to your content and how credible those links and websites are. Relevance is based on the quality of your website’s content and how well you’ve tailored your content for best possible SEO.

5 Tips to improve your SEO

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Direct Mail Gone Wrong (or How to Lose Customers Fast)


Ryan Parton, president, RP Copywriting

If you’re going to execute a direct mail campaign, give your customers some credit.

Before Christmas, I received an addressed direct mail piece from the auto dealership from which I’d purchased my vehicle several years prior. It made me shake my head with disappointment.

The letter appeared to be a printed version of an internal email from the dealership manager to a salesperson. In it, the manager told the salesperson (“Chad”) that he had a buyer for my specific model of vehicle and that the salesperson should therefore contact me to offer great trade-in value plus some other incentives.

Toward the bottom of the “email,” the manager suggested Chad simply print out the email and mail it to me. The direct mail piece purported to be that printout, with a handwritten sticky note from Chad himself asking me to call him.

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