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  5 Secrets for Quickly Generating Leads to your real estate website   You already know that succeeding in the real estate game is no easy task. Driving qualified leads to your real estate website, however, can be. Here’s a quick-and-dirty guide to boosting your


5 Secrets for Quickly Generating Leads to your real estate website


You already know that succeeding in the real estate game is no easy task. Driving qualified leads to your real estate website, however, can be.

Here’s a quick-and-dirty guide to boosting your targeted traffic, connecting with more buyers and sellers and converting those leads into more business.

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Content reigns supreme

Professionally written, keyword-rich web content that is. Get the attention you’re craving from Google by hiring copywriters to write polished, compelling content.

Say goodbye to keyword stuffing however – you can’t cut corners anymore with your web copy. Google’s unique algorithms detect canned, cookie-cutter content jammed full of real estate keywords, which will only make your website’s search engine rating sink like a stone.

SEO keywords and phrases are still critically important, but they have to be artfully interwoven into your content. Quality content marries the perfect blend of SEO with unique, relevant and engaging information. Copy has to deliver your brand’s message clearly to your customers and provide your clients with real value.

The best part? Quality content is highly cost effective.

Effective copy does so much more than attract traffic, generate leads and make your real estate business more money. It also establishes a connection with your core market – it reinforces trust and credibility, builds relationships with your clients, and it’s sharable enough to start conversations.



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Blog (and blog some more)

You’re a bona fide real estate expert, and blogging gives you the perfect soapbox to connect with your buyers and sellers in the Comox Valley or wherever your market happens to be.

A few years back, a call-tracking company in the United States conducted an study to measure how far regular blogging would boost their traffic and leads. To say it was a smashing success is an understatement – during a three-month period, they saw increases of 210% for organic traffic and 800% for in-bound leads generated. (source: Convirza)

So blog about whatever it is you do best – nail down your niche as a Realtor and carve out your reputation as its local authority. And just keep blogging…

Promote your blog posts on your social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Build your real estate blog empire though a content syndication network. Align yourself with other influencers in your industry by writing guest blogs for high-traffic real estate websites in your market. You’ll boost your targeted traffic in no time!

One important thing: your blog posts are providing your audience with valuable industry insights. Guide them to take the next step, by always including a clear Call to Action within your posts. Then watch your leads come rolling in!

 (Here’s another way to get hot leads rolling in)



Landing pages

Landing pages are designed for one purpose only: to generate more leads for your real estate business. They distill your brand as a Realtor into a snapshot, providing clients with a concise Call to Action (CTA).

Why are they so important? And so effective?

With 50 links on your homepage, your attention ratio is 2% – compared to 100% with a single CTA. (source: Unbounce)

Simple, streamlined, and laser-focused…those are the things great real estate landing pages are made of.

Landing page copy requires a perfect blend of copy to engage the prospect and convert clicks into potential sales. You can’t really afford a landing page that doesn’t deliver; consider hiring a professional to build a page that promotes more leads and more sales.





You paid some experts to design you killer custom landing pages. Leads are up, and you’re feeling pretty pleased with that. Want them to skyrocket?

Shell out for pay-per-click (PPC) or other online advertising, specific to your landing page, which will drive more targeted traffic to your site. A lot more. 

 Paid ads are driving 64.6% of high commercial intent keyword searches (source: Search Engine Journal) 

Social media marketing is its own ballgame, but linking your landing pages through targeted PPC ad campaigns, on your Twitter and Facebook pages, can launch your landing pages even further.


Digital downloads

People really love free stuff… and so will your clients.

What a concept, right?

You want to be recognized for your expertise in your real estate niche, as well as to build trust of prospective buyers and sellers. So, craft your digital downloads with great care; few things are more harmful to your reputation as an industry-expert than poorly presented information or inaccurate data.

The trick is offering digital downloads that are relevant – e-books, podcasts and webinars can all provide your clients with valuable real estate resources.


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