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Experts agree: content marketing is the most effective marketing strategy

What gives your business the edge it needs to succeed, boosts your online traffic and generates buzz about your services? Three words: quality content marketing. When it comes to generating more traffic, well-written content – infused with the perfect blend of key terms and phrases

What gives your business the edge it needs to succeed, boosts your online traffic and generates buzz about your services?

Three words: quality content marketing. When it comes to generating more traffic, well-written content – infused with the perfect blend of key terms and phrases – is your secret weapon to search engine success.

If you’re a small business, operating on Vancouver Island or anywhere else, your website is squaring off against some serious competition. It’s not even just heavy-hitting big brand names you’re competing with for search engine rankings – it’s also the plethora of other local businesses.

Small businesses are booming, with over 388,500 operating in BC alone, representing about 98 per cent of businesses in our province. British Columbia ranks first in Canada, in fact, for small businesses per capita.

So you might be feeling a little like your website is a digital version of David, slinging ineffectual pebbles at Goliath.


Content marketing dominates in cost-effectiveness

You can try your hand at crafting your own content, but that’s taking a big risk with your online success and it takes time away from your core activities. You need to write unique, relevant content – with the appropriate amount of SEO keywords and phrases – that sounds good, engages your target audience and appeals to Google. It’s both an art and science, not unlike mastering a chemistry formula, and it can be a tall order for the uninitiated.

Worried that hiring a professional copywriter to produce high quality, polished content is going to cost you and arm and a leg? It doesn’t have to.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing* (source: DemandMetric). And not only does it cost less, it’s also more profitable for your small business in the long run. Aberdeen reports that year-over-year growth in marketing’s contribution to revenue is more than 6x higher for leaders compared to followers (source: Kapost Blog ).

Hiring some expert web content wordsmiths is the key to slaying your competition on the search engine frontiers.


Quality content is SEO-driven

82% of marketers see SEO effectiveness as increasingly on the rise (source: Marketing Dive)

The Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Ireland, Andrey Lipattsev, recently revealed that the two most important ranking signals Google uses are high-quality content and links pointing to your site (source: Search Engine Watch).

Identifying your high intent commercial keywords reinforces your small business website’s visibility. But it’s not as simple as crunching the keywords out of Google Analytics and then stuffing them into canned, generic content templates.

Keyword stuffing no longer makes mediocre website content adequate for usage – in fact, Google’s unique ranking algorithms will likely make it plummet down the rankings.

You can research your keywords and phrases, and feel like you’ve cracked the SEO version of the DaVinci code. But what do you do with those keywords now?

SEO and content marketing are not mutually exclusive. Neil Patel recently wrote a killer blog on how your SEO campaign will fail unless you integrate content marketing [and] your content marketing campaign will fail unless you integrate SEO (source: Kissmetrics).

What does that mean, for your Vancouver Island-based or other small business? The secret to your website’s success is marrying SEO keyword research and killer content marketing in order to conquer your competition. That’s where the professional copywriters and content marketers come in.


Quality content leads to conversions

Climbing the search engine rankings and catching your audience’s attention is only the first step – you also need to convert those clicks into leads.

85% of search marketing experts will focus on conversion rate optimization in the upcoming year (Source: MarketingCharts)

 Effective web content is so compelling to consumers because it’s unique, it’s authentic and it provides value to your consumers. It has to marry all that SEO research, and contain all those key phrases in the right amounts and the right places. And it has to sound good – like really good. This is where crafting web content becomes not just a science, but an art.

Industry-leading copywriters are, in effect, expertly trained storytellers who base their marketing tactics upon the fundamentals. Tried, tested and true strategies – ones that that have been captivating audiences for centuries.

Duke Greenhill says it best in his article about creating Killer Content Narratives, when he explains that: there’s a system for successful storytelling … whether the metric of success is shares, comments, views, clicks, albums sold, box office receipts or artistic immortality.

In the same way, your content has to successfully convey your story. The sleekest layout and most cutting-edge graphic design won’t convince your clients to buy into your brand – you can’t rely on aesthetics to convey your company’s values. Your brand is so much more than your company mission statement, your storefront facade or your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

As Copyblogger states: branding isn’t your company name. It’s not a tag line. It’s not a logo. It’s actually your story.

The best copywriters will work with you to communicate your company’s overarching narrative, expanding upon your core values and messages. They’ll help you build real relationship with your audience. They’ll provide your target market with blogs, articles and other industry insight that enriches their reading experience – never cookie-cutter, keyword-stuffed content that’ll detract from it.

Performing the SEO research, and interweaving those critical keywords and phrases into vibrant content that your audience wants to read? That’s how your website skyrockets on the search engines… and starts generating you those coveted leads.

Professionally written content delivers a powerful K.O. in your online marketing attack strategy. So go ahead, slay those big brand Goliaths – and get your small business ahead of all those other Davids while you’re at it.


The Takeaway

You could spend a lot of money on PPC advertising campaigns and traditional advertising… but it wouldn’t be the most effective way to grow your business.

Content marketing is the king of online strategies.

We truly believe that. And so do the greatest of digital marketing titans, because nine out of ten B2B marketers in North America use content marketing (source: Emarketer).

The bottom line is: it doesn’t matter if your business is the little guy or your budget isn’t the biggest… offering high quality content that provides value to your potential clients is going to elevate your traffic and deliver a solid, long-term return on investment.

And that’s how your small business will make more money.



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