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The Top 5 Marketing Strategies To Get Business Today!

The top 5 Marketing Strategies to Get Business Today!

Darcy Lefebvre, RP Copywriting

Need to see a return on your marketing and adverting dollars right away?  Use some (or all!) of the following marketing strategies to help you generate sale in the short term! It is also very important to invest in a long term strategy as well, using a good balance of both is the key to seeing great results!


Marketing Strategy #1 – Have a communications plan.

There’s no bigger asset than your past customers or clients. By creating opportunities to stay connected with them through emails, newsletters and inviting them to “follow” you, you’ll generate word-of-mouth opportunities and make it easier for people to share your information and refer your business. (Download our Comprehensive DIY Guide to Online Marketing to try this on your own!)


Marketing Strategy #2 – Go old school and start networking

Yup, networking is still one of the best ways to build your business in a hurry, as I noted in a recent networking article. People like to do business with people they know; the more people you know, the more business you stand to get. A strong communications plan used in conjunction with networking is a killer combination! Network! Network! Network!


Marketing Strategy #3 – Online advertising

Advertising online offers incredibly targeted options at a very low cost. Whether you’re an online product or service or a bricks-and-mortar store looking only to advertise locally, there’s always an online advertising option that will benefit you. It’s worthwhile to do some research here or speak with an online marketing consultant.

Google pay-per-click (PPC) and Facebook advertising are a couple of our favourites at RP Copywriting Online Marketing. With Google, you “get found” when people are in the market, and then you only pay for advertising when they click on your ad. You can also advertise with display ads on Google partner sites. Facebook advertising works especially well for lifestyle businesses, e.g., restaurants, clothing or furniture sales, etc., and has shown some incredible results with many of our clients.


Marketing Strategy #4 – Direct mail and/or unaddressed mail…seriously?

Yeah seriously! There’s a reason this old standard is called an old standard: it works! It works so well, in fact, that an online marketing guy is still suggesting direct mail marketing as an approach. What can I say? If it’s done right the results can be great.

For direct mail, consider creating a list of your top prospects and reaching out to them with a letter. You can also use the same approach with unaddressed mail, but try to keep it as targeted and personal as possible. (Check out other tips for writing direct mail pieces.)


Marketing Strategy #5 – Hit the pavement with some direct sales.

Consider hiring a salesperson. It’s a direct, personal approach that provides people with answers quickly (not to mention swift results). A good salesperson can still be worth their weight in gold…or at least silver.


Darcy Lefebvre is a marketing consultant with RP Copywriting. Reach him directly at or 250.897.5450.


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