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Will Direct Mail Work For Your Small Business?

Will direct mail work for your small business?

Darcy Lefebvre is a marketing consultant with RP Copywriting

Darcy Lefebvre is a marketing consultant with RP Copywriting

Darcy Lefebvre, RP Copywriting

Surrounded with ever-evolving online communication tools and technology, direct mail seems to have been left in the dust. That being said, there’s still room for direct mail in most small business marketing plans – if it’s done right!


The benefits of direct mail

The most obvious advantage of direct mail is that your message physically gets directed to a real person. Your brand is in their hands! People are much more likely to open and read a letter that comes to their mailbox than peruse an email in their inbox.

Direct mail also gives you an excuse to check back with a potential client so that those “cold calls” aren’t quite so chilly. Other benefits include being able to easily measure your campaign’s rate of success and target your market quite specifically.

Try Canada Post’s Precision Targeter to select demographics, property types and specific delivery areas.


How to create a direct mail campaign that works

There are three main parts of any successful campaign.

  1. Entice and invite. Get their attention and offer something special. Ensure there is something special about your mailing, be it a specific discount, free product samples or a chance to win big. Have a clear call to action and make it worth their while.
  2. Create a deadline. Put a little pressure on, say a week or two tops.
  3. Follow up. Each direct mail campaign should consist of at least three mailings. You want to make an impression and keep top of mind.


Here are some more tips on writing money-making direct mail pieces.


direct mail mailboxThink outside the (mail)box

Last but not least, be creative! You’re trying to arouse some interest, so make your message meaningful and interesting. Bill Glazer, a published author and professional speaker, earned fame with his incredibly successful direct mail promotions. His Breakfast Diner Campaign, for example, was sent out on a paper place mat, complete with coffee stains, and had his offer written in crayon!

Regardless of what your message is, make sure your mailing is easy to read and free of errors and that your contact information is easy to find.

Feel free to contact me for further advice on direct mailing

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