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Holy leads, Batman!

In a recent announcement regarding our move to a new Downtown Courtenay office, we mentioned that we’ve introduced a few more services this year – one of which is lead generation campaigns.

We have quite a few clients now set up with our lead generation programs and, simply put, the results have been awesome! The first four clients we set up received six or more leads in the first ten days with a very modest test ad budget!

For more info and to see what a lead page can look like, click here

But be sure to read below to see what our clients are saying! 


What the heck is a “lead generation campaign”?

Essentially, we create a digital download that acts as your “lure” piece – a professionally crafted resource package that provides information to people in the market for your product. We then develop a landing page, which is a stand-alone webpage designed specifically to entice people to take action. Once it’s active, we manage an online advertising campaign pointing to your landing page, generating new leads every month!

Need further explanation or want to see one in action? Click here!


Here’s what our clients are saying about their lead generation campaigns:

Wow! The leads are coming in full force and we barely have time to call them all back. I’m not quite sure how you guys do it, but keep it coming! 

-Lance Petty – Temprite Climate Solutions


We are just 10 days into our lead generation program and we have already had 7 downloads of my “New to the Comox Valley buyers guide” – I’m really happy about the results so far and excited going forward!

-Mike Fisher – Royal lePage


My landing page has only been live for a few days and I’ve already received 5 leads! Whatever you’re doing, it’s working! 

-Leah Reichelt – Remax



Like our clients, we’re super excited about these results and wanted to spread the word. Get in touch and find out how a lead generation campaign could work for you!

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