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6 Reasons your website needs fresh content today

Investing in quality web content pays

Some things get better with age – cheese, wine, blue jeans, Keith Richards.

But when it comes website content, getting older just means things are, well, getting older.

If you’re not updating your website and adding fresh, helpful content on a regular basis, you might be missing out on key marketing opportunities.

Here are six good reasons to add some new content and enliven your site today.

  1. Google digs new content and frequent updates. Think of Google as a teenage girl; it likes to see and set the latest trends, it loves to get the inside scoop on new, hot info, and it pays attention to what others are paying attention to. But it can be fickle, as in, “What have you done for me lately?” So, if you haven’t added anything fresh in a while, you may be getting the cold shoulder. And, believe me, you want to stay on Google’s good side.
  2. High-quality, consistent content builds authority. Engaging and informing site visitors with good content helps to establish that you’re an expert in your industry/field. Helpful, informative content shows customers and potential clients that you know your stuff, and they can trust your business to provide the right answers or solutions.
  3. New content keeps up with keywords and helps SEO. Maybe your business focus has change slightly over the years. New content allows you to rejig or add new keyword phrases to ensure you’re targeting all relevant niches.
  4. Fresh content provides additional fodder for social media posts. Rework your latest blogs into a series of posts that can be linked to your website to increase site visits.
  5. Valuable and relevant content can help keep attention garnered from social media. If you have insightful web content, new website visitors will stay longer.
  6. Compelling content helps increase lead-to-sale conversions. Between the increased traffic and the persuasive copywriting complete with calls-to-action, your new website content will then convert visitors into paying customers.

By adding fresh, relevant, up-to-date content on a regular basis you not only further bolster your brand but also establish a library of resources going forward creating residual long-term results.

Is it time to polish your existing web copy or periodically add new content?

Get in touch with Rock.Paper.Copy today and see how we can help!

Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller

Owner and editorial rockstar at Rock.Paper.Copy Writing Solutions

Articles: 74