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Get leads like a pro with an email campaign

And 6 other benefits of an automated email series


Do you spend way too much time qualifying leads on the phone or via email? Are you answering numerous tedious questions only to find out the would-be client can’t afford you or isn’t a good fit for your services?

An autoresponder email campaign (aka an automated email series) not only is tailored to interested potential clients, but also educates them, eases them through the sales funnel and leaves qualified prospects who are ready to get in touch.

I know! Wicked, right?

Keep reading to find out more about automated email responder campaigns and their benefits.


So, what’s an automated-whoozy-what’s-it?

An autoresponder email campaign is a pre-scheduled sequence of emails that are automatically sent to a specific person who has triggered them by doing a certain action, such as joining a newsletter list, downloading a PDF, buying a product or responding to an ad.

For example, have you ever been online searching for a specific topic, seen a pop-up ad form and entered your email address in order to receive a free download related to that topic? You get an email with a link for the e-book download, or whatever it is, and then you’re also invited to keep receiving other pertinent information. Well, that’s an autoresponder campaign.

An autoresponder email series can be made up of any amount of emails that are programmed to be delivered in a set order on a set schedule. It’s a great marketing tool for generating leads because it makes contact with and sends out information to interested prospective clients.

It’s straight-forward, it’s automatic and it’s a good return on your investment: here’s how and why. . .


7 Benefits of an autoresponder email campaign

Benefit 1: Anonymous browsers are turned into subscribers.
Whether people have come across you through a Facebook ad or by searching the web, one of the best ways to begin communications is to offer something of value in exchange for name and email contact info – be it a free download, no-obligation consultation or coupon. Once they’ve subscribed, your autoresponder can continue sending messages forever, or until they say to stop. The nice thing is, you know these emails will be relevant to the people receiving them.

Benefit 2: It builds a relationship with little effort.
Salespeople say it takes about four to seven contacts before a potential client becomes a customer. An autoresponder series makes that number of contacts for you and with relatively little effort on your part. Plus, your leads are nurtured and educated, so that when you or your sales team reach out, they’ll be more receptive and informed. And it also works to build your brand, in that they are continually seeing your name, your logo, your message.

Benefit 3: Follow-up is easy and error-free.

No matter when they get in touch, 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., your new subscriber will get an efficient, accurate response.

Benefit 4: Ongoing and constant communication helps generate repeat business.
An email series keeps you top of mind with customers. It reminds them you’re out there.

Benefit 5: It can direct subscribers to your blog or website.

You write the emails, so you can link to whatever you want. That cat video you put so much time into not delivering the way it should? Link it in your email.

Benefit 6: Autoresponder programs have analytic devices.

You can see who is responding when, where and how often. Analytics can track what kind of message gets the most opens, etc. With this data, you can improve on performance (or learn from mistakes).

Benefit 7: It’s easy to duplicate efforts.

The work is typically front-loaded with these email series. Once you have the emails for one service or product, they can be used as a template for other goods and services. You can then create a different subscriber list, and Bob’s your uncle!


An autoresponder email campaign offers an on-going, trackable, efficient way to reach out to viable prospects. It doesn’t require adding to your sales workforce and is available 24/7. It allows you to concentrate on your day-to-day business while easily responding to new contacts.

Obviously, a well-written campaign will perform better than one that isn’t. If you want to ensure you’ll get the most from your emails work with professionals. Get in touch today and find out how can grow your business with an awesome autoresponder campaign!

Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller

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