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Convert browsers into buyers with high-quality content.
Hire A Copywriter For A New Level Of Success

Hire a copywriter for a new level of success

Thriving businesses know the value of using a professional


Did you hear the one about the copywriter and the monkeys?

Of course not.

That’s because nobody really thinks about copywriters never mind bothers to make up jokes about them. But all business owners should. (Think about them, that is, not the joke thing.)

I hear you saying, ‘I know my business better than anyone. Why would I hire someone else to write about it?’

Maybe because someone else has the training and experience to get your words out the right way – a way that educates, intrigues and spurs your audience into action.

Not only are copywriters joke-worthy wordsmiths who can add grammatically correct shine to your brilliant thoughts, but also they can repurpose and revive existing projects and papers.


How and why your business could use a copywriter

Whether you need to come up with documents from scratch, want to remodel previously used content or simply require another pair of eyes to ensure grammar is correct, redundancies are eliminated and tone is consistent, a professional copywriter will do it right.

If you have or use any of the following, a freelancer can help your business crank it up a notch.

Web and SEO content – Having a clear, informative web presence is more vital than ever. By using the right number of the right keywords in the right places, a copywriter can make sure you get found. And the work they’ve done to create unique, fresh content will turn those browsers into buyers.

Press releases – A good press release can get you more attention than a newspaper ad any day of the week. Reserved for actual newsy items, a release should follow a specific format, hit all the Ws, have quotes and be an appropriate length. A knowledgeable copywriter can help get it into print.

Email campaigns and newsletters – A regular newsletter or an ongoing email campaign are both great ways to keep you top of mind with existing clients and introduce yourself to new ones. But if they are sprinkled with errors or have an inconsistent tone, you run the risk of turning people off. Make a good impression with a good product.

Reports and white papers – Because these items often contain a litany of stats and are filled with information, they can run the risk of being boring or even ignored. An effectual writer can keep things instructive and engaging. Plus, he or she can turn all that info into other forms of marketing communication.

Brochures and direct mail – Oldies but goodies, these items are still an excellent way to connect with potential clients. The right words will make sure to highlight all your company does that benefits customers.

Internal documents – Even though the customer is always right, your people are just as important. Communicating clearly with co-workers and employees is also a key to success.

Ads and promotional videos – Maybe there are fewer words involved but their impact is amplified. Knowing what to say and how to say it is crucial for these mediums.

Copy editing and proofreading of content – Not a product but a skill, these items are often overlooked until it’s too late. Keep your business from going viral for the wrong reasons and get some help.


When your computer starts to act up, you call in a tech specialist. If your logo needs to be reworked, you hire a designer. Why wouldn’t you work with an experienced professional writer to ensure your message is delivered in a clear, correct, convincing manner?


Now, back to the monkeys.

It’s been said that given enough time, 1,000 monkeys using 1,000 typewriters will eventually produce the complete works of William Shakespeare. Given a copywriter, they’d make it so high school students could understand it.

Okay, I’ll keep working on that one . . . actually, I think it’s pretty good.


To find out how a copywriter can help your business (or maybe even write a joke about it), email me at or visit And follow the RP Copywriting Facebook and Instagram pages to get helpful tips, info, articles and cartoons related to writing.

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